Zora Software Suite for the NAO humanoid robot

ZBOS Software Suite for the NAO humanoid robot

Zora Software Suite for the NAO humanoid robot
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Zora is a software compatible with the Softbank Robotics NAO humanoid robots. The Zora suite includes a guide function, gym exercises, games, story and news reading, quizzes, and more.
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Presentation of the Zora Software Suite for the NAO robot

The NAO Zora app is one of the first in the world to be embedded in a humanoid for real-life use in the health sector. This robotics solution is considered a real asset by health professionals for supporting patients and people.

The Zora software includes lots of features that make it an ideal assistant in retirement homes, for example. With the help of Génération Robots, the Compiègne-Noyon Hospital near Paris has recently introduced its first NAO equipped with ZORA, allowing residents at three of its retirement homes to now enjoy entertaining events organised using the NAO robot.

The Zora Software Suite includes:

  • Apps: gym exercises, dances, games, music, storytelling, news updates, quizzes.
  • A guide function: for using NAO as a puppet.
  • A composition function: for creating your own NAO behaviour.

The Zora software runs in a web browser, so is compatible with all devices (Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android smartphone/tablet).

“Guide & Control”

The Guide & Control feature allows you to control your NAO robot in real time, as if you had a remote control. You can manage animations, speeches, dialogue and movements, as well as a camera function and video content.

This feature helps NAO to interact more naturally with his audience, thanks for example to pre-established micro-behaviours you can launch instantly.


The “Compose” feature lets you create new animations for your NAO robot. You have access to a whole library of functions (exercises, movements, dialogue, music, etc.) that you can easily assemble to obtain new behaviours.

Interface Zora - Composer

“Movement Exercises”

Thanks to Zora, NAO can help participants carry out a series of movements. He can even use certain tools, including an exercise bench or bar.

The “Presentation of the Zora Software Suite and its features” document provided in the resources section below describes the different features of the Zora software suite in more detail.

Resources for the Zora Software Suite

    I just received my Nao robot, I try to interract with it, but I don't get any answers.

    Basic Channel needs to be installed on your Nao robot. For more information, just follow this link.

    Can I download the Choreographe software before receiving my NAO robot, in order to start learning how to use it?

    You can download the software for the robot. On the first start of Choregraph you can use the code below: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45 . To download the software, just follow this link.

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