NVIDIA Jetson - Compact development kit for AI and robotics

Founded in 1993, NVIDIA is one of the leading manufacturers of graphics car. Industry-leading nano-computerr designed for autonomous embedded systems, NVIDIA® Jetson™ boards are compact and high-performance artificial intelligence nano-computers with unprecedented power efficiency. NVIDIA® Jetson™ development kits are used to deploy Deep Learning applications and process real-time data collected from multiple high-resolution sensors (smart cities, and e-health applications, etc.). There are also a great tool for working on IA, machine learning or advanced IoT projects with students.

Different versions of the board have been released:

  • Jetson AGX Orin: supercomputer 8 times more powerful than the Jetson AGX Xavier board.
  • Jetson AGX Xavier: designed to facilitate and accelerate creation of robotic applications and AI’s development.
  • Jetson Xavier NX: dedicated to the development of AI and the design of applications on Edge or embedded devices.
  • Jetson Nvidia Nano: powerful processor capable of handling multiple HD video inputs and processing images in real time.

Check out our NVIDIA Jetson boards comparison to better understand their key features.

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This compact and affordable Auvidea JN30D carrier board is designed for developers and for use with the Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 NX.

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This passive heat sink is a 4-pin fan designed for use with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano module.

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This development kit has been put together by Génération Robots. It consists of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano module, a heat sink and the Auvidea JN30D carrier board. It’s an ideal platform for AI design.

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The NVIDIA Jetson Nano module opens up new possibilities for edge computing and AI development .

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With its impressive graphics architecture, powerful processor and multitude of hardware connections (audio, video, Ethernet, etc.), the NVIDIA Nano Development Kit is an affordable and feature-rich AI development solution for researchers, students and top-notch DIY enthusiasts.

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This new developer kit by NVIDIA includes the Jetson AGX Orin module and a carrier board, to push back the boundaries of your connected and autonomous robotics projects.


Discover the revolutionary ZED Box Xavier NX 8GB, a powerhouse of computing that redefines standards in processing, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.

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